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When can I buy film?


When can I buy film at my local shop?

Everyone in the world is witnessing - in near real-time - the birth of the first new film factory in the 21st century.

This process is so bizarrely complex that our attempts to describe it fall short. Even our own team, who work incredibly hard every day, often cannot predict what may happen in two weeks time and can't distract themselves from speculating about something that is months in the future.

With this in mind, we HOPE to re-open our online shop by mid-September 2017.

Regarding physical shops, when we are confident that our online customers are able to buy film without interruption, we will begin (very slowly, as capacity permits) to offer film to other retail outlets around the world.

Until then, you can help us find the right shops! If you have a favorite local store - especially physical locations - urge them to fill out our Reseller's Form. When we are able, we will consult this list first.

Will you be making P30 in [x] format?


However we should be clear that making other formats is not as simple as flipping a switch in the factory - it is far more complex. In fact, there are two additional processes called Converting (making big rolls into smaller ones with perforations) and Finishing (spooling and packaging the rolls).

We must create our own in-house Converting and Finishing workflows utilizing the machinery in our storage. Only then can we have necessary control over the quality of the product, as well as the cost.

Additionally, we must reach a scale in our own production that allows for creating other formats. To put this plainly, every roll of 120 or sheet of 4x5 we would release today would mean one LESS roll of 35mm - and at this time, we cannot produce enough 35mm to meet the demand.

With this said - 4x5 and 120 are at the top of our list for the near future, and we have said before that there are many other still and cinema formats we plan to produce when we are able.

What happened to producing color reversal film?


I'm a Kickstarter Backer - where is my reward?

Research continues on color reversal sensitizers through Ivano, who we introduced previously.

However, since the launch of P30, we have learned the harsh reality that the overall scale of our output must drastically increase - and many of our workflow processes must be optimized - before color production is feasible.

We are in fact using the production of P30 precisely to grow our production capacity and optimize our workflows.

We continue to scale and optimize our production. We will continue selling P30 products to facilitate this. Everything we do today contributes directly to our ability to produce color reversal film - and to deliver rewards to Backers, as promised.

Will you make 126 film?

Over time, this has become one of the most requested "dead" formats that people have asked us about.

For those who don't know, 126 film is basically 35mm that's in a cartridge. It was pretty huge in the 1970s and Ferrania produced it under the Solaris brand until around 2008.

The answer to the question is MAYBE.

YES, we have the equipment to make 126 film. We saved it from the old buildings and it's now in storage.

YES, we want to put this equipment back online and revive the 126 format. There are millions of working cameras out there, and for the many new people who are trying analog film for the first time, we think 126 is super convenient.

BUT, we are not yet standing on our own two feet. And to make 126 film, we cannot be just standing, we must be running full-speed...

SO, while we are encouraged by the outpouring of requests for 126 and while we most certainly intend to revive it - only time will tell.

Will you make C-41 film?



We must focus on one thing at a time while we grow. The process of scaling up our production runs in parallel to the overall demand for the products:

  • B&W film has a lower overall demand than color film. As such, we are making B&W first and using this process to grow to the next stage in our evolution.
  • Color Reversal film has a much higher demand than B&W, but lower than color negative films and so it is a natural second stage to further grow our capacity.
  • Color negative (C-41) films are in the greatest demand and thus require the greatest scale to produce.

Each step in our growth must be taken in sequence. We cannot grow too fast, nor too slow. Our path to true success is a narrow one and we must constantly be aware of dangers on all sides. And so, C-41 films remain a distant goal for us at this point in time.

Will you revive <defunct color film stock> at some point?

Unless that film was made by 3M-Ferrania at some point in the past, the answer is "Sorry, but no."

Your favorite defunct color film from Kodak, Fuji, Agfa or any other historical manufacturer is not something that can be recreated by FILM Ferrania for a wide variety of reasons, but most of the reasons relate to one of these three factors:

  • The intellectual property is still owned by someone else or is otherwise simply not available any longer.
  • Some element of the chemistry is no longer available, or may even be illegal.
  • The machinery and processes that make the film simply don't work that way. They are specific to each manufacturer and not interchangeable.

Can I test film for you?

Of course everybody loves free film! And we will love nothing more than putting some of it in the right hands. When the time is right, we will publish something here on our website outlining our policies for testing and any other promotional uses.


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